How my wife and I do our version of ‘BlueApron’, but cheaper and from local grocery stores : nutrition

This was a reply that I made previously, but it was mostly ignored. I thought I would share here as well in case anyone else finds it useful.

Basically, my wife and I are doing a BlueApron/HomeChef meal planning, but we’re doing it with a couple of apps. The best part about it is that we’re not shipping food across the country, we’re buying it from our local grocery stores — yet still having it delivered to our house.

It involves two apps (note: I am not affiliated with either of these apps)

  • Mealime — this is a great recipe app; it allows you to schedule your meals, filter recipes on your personal food preferences — you can specify low carb, keto, paleo, vegetarian, flexitarian, etc — you can even list ingredients you don’t like or are allergic to. The recipes are all high quality, beautifully photographed, and easy to read. Most importantly, it lets you upload your shopping list to Instacart, which brings me to the second app.

  • Instacart — order groceries from local grocery stores and have them delivered the same day. So, instead of picking out meals and shipping your groceries from across the country, you’re just ordering from stores you probably already shop. I believe there’s either a delivery fee, or you can sign up for $99/year (in which case any order over $35 is free). Either way, it’s probably cheaper than any of the home chef options out there.

So, when we plan our meals for the week, it all goes into Instacart. Then we take out the stuff we have already, and hit the order button. It usually arrives at our door in an hour or two. Much cheaper, more convenient, and quicker than other meal prep services.

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