I tried One meal a day for 30 days : nutrition

Hey people, i have actually seen many people referring to fasting as an insanely good fat reduction tool, so i went ahead and tried OMAD (one meal a day) for 30 days.

If you dont want spoilers about the results yet then here is the video :


If u dont want to watch though thats cool so keep reading for results and stuff.

Basically during the 30 days i noticed hunger going away day by day with its peak during nighttime which to be honest wasnt that bad either. But i would feel a more intense hunger after 1-2 hours have passed since my workout, and the more intense it was, the more hunger i felt pretty much. I used a balanced approach between calisthenics and weights for my workouts which would last around 1- 1:30 hours average, less energy overall but still manageable , the bad part about it was that my legs felt tired even after days of not training them so i actually felt my legs getting hard-taxed by the fasting.

Every single day i tried to reach as close as possible my calorie maintenance level with that one meal plus a protein shake.


i was at 80.3 kg ( which i dont remember how many pounds that is but i wrote it in the video anyway), 11% body fat , 43,35% lean muscle mass, with a BMR of 1804 calories, so what happened is that i dropped 3 kgs down to 77.3kg, 9.2% body fat, 44,10% lean muscle mass and my metabolism almost didnt change with just a 17 calorie drop to 1787. In exact numbers: lost 1.6kg of fat, and 700g of muscle which to be seems like an ok trade ( eventhough am not sure how much those number differ in other cases and with other ways so i cant really tell)


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