Keto, Paleo, Carb Cycling. Any thoughts? : nutrition

So I’m 5’1, 60kgs, overweight based on BMI. But very active and I do a lot of outdoor activities like long-distance cycling (I’m joining Audax Randonneurs’ 400km cycling in two weeks, I also do running (I have a duathlon in June), and now I’m cross training by swimming (I’m training for my first triathlon hopefully later this year).

I’m doing keto right now, I’m on my first week and I do experience some drop in my performance (which is said to be “normal” since I’m still new, just not sure if it’s gonna get better given my lifestyle). And I’ve been reading about other diets and found that many of the food choices and goals of keto overlap with the paleo diet. But both have low carb intake which makes training days harder.

Then I found carb cycling which is a planned consumption of different amounts of carbohydrates, usually throughout the week. With that, what do you think is the best diet for someone who has a very active lifestyle like me?

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