Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palettes from Best to Worst

Now that I’ve managed to thoroughly review all three volumes of the Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette series, here’s a short ‘n’ sweet ranking of them from best to worst. It’s a bit more like a ranking from workable to mediocre as Vol. 1 reviewed the best with a B-rating, which ended up to be consistent with my experience across the other two volumes.

The matte pink/red/orange shades seemed to apply better than other colors, like green and blues. The matte eyeshadows were inconsistent; they were often quite pigmented but then sheered out (due to powderiness) or they would erase shades near-to or underneath (though it wasn’t all matte shades that did this).

The shimmers were a mixed bag between the volumes, and they worked better with a dampened brush. Some shades were pigmented, others were drier/dustier, and a few were stiffer or sheerer. I didn’t feel like they improved substantially over primer, but your best bet would be using a more hydrating base (whether a creamy or stacky base or something else) rather than anything thin, translucent, or more matte. (Anastasia’s primer worked terribly for me with these palettes, but it is extremely drying for me to begin with, so I wasn’t surprised.)

For more in-depth information on the formula’s inconsistencies, please read my Vol. 2 review. For transparency, I purchased Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, while Vol. 1 was a press sample.

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