Can certain food combinations wreck havoc on your digestive system? : nutrition

I read over the article above and it appears that combining certain foods together in the same meal can negatively impact your health.

For example, you do not want to mix proteins and starches in the same meal. This means, no bun with your hamburger, no meatballs if you have pasta, no potatoes with your meat… Dr. Pickering explains:

“Starches require an alkaline digestive medium to digest…. Meat require a very acidic medium to digest…. When you mix them both together – an acid-type of food and an alkaline – basic chemistry shows that they don’t digest. They neutralize. Then what happens? If the food is not digesting… it’s going through your body [undigested], throwing it into all kinds of turmoil.”

Could this bloating and intestinal stress lead to other issues that previous had no known causes like IBS, Candida Overgrowth, and various skin conditions?

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