Healthy sweets. Does low sugar mean it’s better? : nutrition

I’m going on a kayak trip for 5 days and looking for somewhat healthy, unperishable options, when I came accros these grains bar.

Sorry for the French 🙁 what I found outstanding is that it only had 1,1g of sugar (69,1g of carbs). It’s insanely low sugar, yet they taste good. Am I missing something?

  • I understand that low sugar is healthier. I checked the other flavors and they all have >25g.

  • if it doesn’t contain sugar, but other sweeteners, is it still bad?

  • that very high carb is due to the whole grains? But this means that it also contains fibers so it should be a slow releasing energy source?

  • on the front it says “no added sugars”, but in the ingredients it says “sweetener: maltitols”. So they’re not adding sugars, but other sweeteners. Is this just a marketing scheme to seem healthy, low sugar like Coke does with their Zero?

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