Micronutriente evaluator – opinion needed : nutrition

I’ve been working on a simple method to evaluate my clients intake/deficiency on micronutrients. I do not work with any software. I know excel, some basics, and I have a sheet I started to make when I was studying. And it is what I use to make my clients plans till now (almost 10 years developing it). So, if there is any good software to evaluate the vitamin intake/deficiency, do not be harsh on me.

This is a simple method and my goal with it is just to know if a person by any chance is missing on a vitamin on mineral. At least for now. In the future I want to upgrade this project, add info about the micros (or at least reliable links for it), what to do if a micro is not fulfilled and other things.

So, this was how I did it:- Went to the national (Portuguese) food composition and choose the main 3/4 sources of each mineral/vitamin for 100g, but divided the value into half, because its hard for a person to eat 100g of each of the selected foods in the selected interval;- Made it as a percentage compared with the DRI (for example, if 50g of carrot gave you 500mcg of Vitamin A, and the DRI is 1000mcg (just an example) if you eat 50g of carrot you get 50% of DRI);- Then I ask you to tell me if, in 5 days, usually you eat 50 grams of each food on the list. If don’t, you don’t get the percentage of it. It requires honesty from the person questioned.Okay, the 5 days might me questionable, do you have another idea? It is known that we can save vitamins in our body for a couple of days (except for the lipo vitamins which can be saved for longer periods). But the exact number of days I did not find yet a solid source about it.

What is your opinion? Do you see any flaws in it? What do you think it should be upgraded?the link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/f705843406f322c8998da18de3bc844c20190810152511/6dfded55d73c13f02c9654651eb66c0920190810152511/f814b2

Sorry if some words arent translated to english. I’m from Portugal and had to translate everything to you right now.

Thanks in advance.

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