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What Foods Have ZeroPoints on the MyWW Green Plan?

The new MyWW Program, has launched here in the U.S.  It offers 3 plan options from which to choose: Green, Blue & Purple, each with a different ZeroPoints foods list and SmartPoints budget.

ZeroPoint foods are foods that have zero WW SmartPoints. They are nutritionally dense foods that form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern. ?They make eating simple and add flexibility to your SmartPoints Budget, because you don’t have to track or measure them.

The plan with the longest list of ZeroPoint foods (Purple) has the lowest SmartPoints Budget, and the plan with the shortest list of ZeroPoint foods (Green) has the highest SmartPoints Budget.

The Green Plan includes 100+ ZeroPoint foods from which to base your meals and snacks including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Green Plan ZeroPoint Foods List

The Green Plan is essentially the same list of ZeroPoint foods as with WW Beyond the Scale Plan. They include:

  • Fruits: fresh and frozen fruit without added sugar (excludes dried fruits and fruit juices); canned fruit in water or sugar-free syrup and canned fruit in its own natural juice; unsweetened applesauce
  • Non-Starchy Vegetables: fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables as long as they aren’t packed with any additional oil, sugars, or fats.

Complete Green Plan ZeroPoint Foods List A-Z

A: Acorn squash/ApplesApplesauce, unsweetened/Apricots, fresh/Artichoke hearts, no oil/Artichokes/Arugula/Asparagus
B: Baby corn/Bamboo shoots/Bananas/Basil/Beet greens/Beets/Blackberries/Blueberries/Bok choy/Broccoli/Broccoli rabe/Broccoli slaw/Brussels sprouts/Bibb lettuce/Butter lettuce/Butternut squash
C: Cabbage/Canned pimientos/Cantaloupe/Carrots/Cauliflower/Cauliflower rice/Celery/Cherries/Chives/Cilantro/Clementines/Coleslaw mix/Collard greens/Cranberries, fresh/Cucumber
D: Dragon fruit
E: Eggplant/Endive/Escarole
F: Fennel/Figs, fresh/Frozen mixed berries, unsweetened/Frozen stir-fry vegetables, no sauce/Fruit cocktail, unsweetened/Fruit salad, unsweetened
G: Garlic/Ginger/Grapefruit/Grapes/Green leaf lettuce/Guava
H: Hearts of palm/Honeydew
I: Iceberg lettuce
K: Kale/Kiwi/Kohlrabi/Kumquats
L: Leeks/Lemons/Limes
M: Mangoes/Meyer lemons/Mint/Mixed greens/Mushrooms/Mustard greens
N: Napa cabbage/Nectarines/Nori (seaweed)
O: Oak leaf lettuce/Okra/Onions/Oregano/Oranges
P: Papayas/Parsley/Pea shoots/Peaches/Pears/Peppers/Persimmons/Pickles, unsweetened/Pico de gallo/Pineapples/Plums/Pomegranates/Pomelo/Pumpkin/Pumpkin puree
R: Radishes/Raspberries
Red leaf lettuce/Romaine lettuce/Rosemary/Rutabaga
S: Salsa, fat-free/Sauerkraut/Scallions/Shallots/Spaghetti squash/Spinach/Star fruit/Strawberries/String beans/Summer squash/Swiss chard
T: Tangerines/Tarragon/Thyme/Tomatillos/Tomato puree, canned/Tomato sauce, canned/Tomatoes/Turnips
W: Water chestnuts/Watermelon/Wax beans
Z: Zucchini

Click here to print your Green ZeroPoints List from WW

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More About ZeroPoint Fruits

On the myWW almost all fruits are zero points. The only exceptions to this are avocados and plantains. Because of their calories and sugar content they should be eaten in moderation since they can quickly add up. Also it is important to know that when you blend fruit in a smoothie, it is no longer counted as zero points


weight watchers condiments low points big flavor

WW ZeroPoint Spices, Seasonings and Condiments List

Many seasonings, spices, and low calorie condiments are also Zero SmartPoints. These include:

  • Fresh and dried herbs and spices
  • Fat free salsa
  • Hot sauce
  • Lemon, lime or orange zest
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Mustard
  • Soy sauce
  • Unsweetened pickles
  • Wine vinegars

ZeroPoint Does Not Equal “Free” Food!

The myWW Program and and its associated ZeroPoint foods are designed to support you in your desire to eat better and lose weight. Remember “zero” is not the same as “free.” While full of nutrition, all of these foods have calories associated with them, so remember to eat responsibly 🙂 For example, it’s acceptable to have a banana, not an bunch of them.

The goal is to eat until no longer hungry, not to stuff yourself until uncomfortable. This may take practice, if you like me, are used to overeating to the point of discomfort. It’s about learning moderation, balance and you’re own “just right.”

Smart Ways to Make ZeroPoints Foods Work for You

#1 Think of them as your foundation. Start building your meal by using a ZeroPoint food as your primary ingredient. Add something hearty and delicious. Then top it with more vegetables and give it a flavor boost. 

#Use them as a buffer. If you blow through your daily SmartPoints allowance before bedtime, use meals and snacks with lots of ZeroPoints to get through the rest of the day. My go-to choices is cooked green beans tossed with salsa and apples all kinds of ways. 

#3 Use them to create a  SmartPoints surplus. Choose ZeroPoint or low SmartPoints foods for breakfast and lunch, so you have more of your daily SmartPoints available for dinner. You can save up to four Daily SmartPoints a day which automatically roll over into your weeklies, that are then available should you need them on the weekends or for other special events, kinda like overdraft protection on your checking account. Pretty cool, right? (The more I’ve come to realize that managing my weight is a lot like managing my finances the easier and less emotional it has become for me!)

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